Name: Paula Rodrigues Sabra
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 19/07/2019

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Jorge Luiz Viesenteiner Advisor *

Examining board:

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Jorge Luiz Viesenteiner Advisor *
José Pedro Luchi Internal Examiner *
Ricardo Correa de Araujo Internal Alternate *
Stella Emery Santana External Examiner *

Summary: Abstract

In the present work it is proposed a metahetical view on Niklas Luhmann's Theory
of Self-Referential Communicative Social Systems in which it is sought to identify on
which conditions it is possible to occur the normative reconstruction in social systems.
As systems operate in an environment of infinite complexity, creating internal complexity
to be able to process and reduce external complexity as a condition of operability,
normative reconstruction becomes a condition of systemic continuity. Systems that
cannot, in the process of forming value judgments to construct meaning, control the
content of the justifying beliefs of these moral judgments, even allowing their alteration,
do not have conditions of continuity in an increasingly complex environment. In this
context, self-referencing is the condition for normative reconstruction in social systems,
capable of allowing, in the formation of value judgments, that their justifying beliefs be
given as a problem, allowing a control over moral content through perceptivity.

Keywords: Normative Reconstruction; Niklas Luhmann; Social Systems Theory; Self-
reference; Metaethics.

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