Postgraduate Degrees

Postgraduate Program in Philosophy
Postgraduate Degrees
M.A. in Philosophy
The M.A. in Philosophy is intended for holders of undergraduate degrees in philosophy and other related fields. In order to obtain the master’s degree, candidates must complete course credits, undergo the qualification exam, publish articles and present a dissertation on a topic related to one of the areas covered by the program.

Criticism of Metaphysics
Ethics and Religion
Phenomenology and Hermeneutics
Phenomenology and Hermeneutics of Religion
Philosophy and Arts
Philosophy and Mysticism
Philosophy and Psychoanalysis
Political Philosophy
Hermeneutics and Criticism
Metaphysics and Knowledge
Metaphysics and Language
Research in Dissertation Special Topics in Ethics
Special Topics in Political Philosophy
Special Topics in Criticism of Metaphysics
Special Topics in Philosophy of Art
Special Topics in Philosophy of Religion
Special Topics in Metaphysics
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